What Is A Bail Bondsman?

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What Is A Bail Bondsman?

By definition, a bail bondsman is “a person who charges a fee to criminal defendants in exchange for standing as surety for their bail.” In other words, a bail bondsman is someone who helps “free” someone from jail for only a fraction of the cost of the amount of bail.

For example, let’s say you have a family member get arrested for a DUI. The officer will bring them to jail and bail is set at $1,000. If you know a bail bondsman, they will charge a certain percentage upfront. For this example, let’s say 15%, that is $150. You will not receive this money back, but in return, you are able to get your family member out of jail.

Bail Bondsman Can Arrest You!

The U.S. Supreme Court gives bondsman authority to arrest fugitives, they are not allowed to serve warrants. This can happen if the suspect who was bailed out of jail does not appear in court. Now, he/she is out of the full amount paid to bail out the suspect! Unfortunately, this is the risk of being a bail bondsman. This is why they have the power to come after you if you don’t show up for court. Not to mention if you do skip court without a valid reason, an arrest warrant will be put out for you due to “failure to appear”.

bail bondsman can arrest you

How To Find A Reliable Bondsman

You don’t want to trust just anyone to bail you out. In addition, make sure you have a company that is reliable and knows what they are doing. For example, KC Bonding has been in business for years and treats all of its customers right. You can find out more about KC Bonding here. Years of experience is important because if you have an agent that is new, they might delay the process! They could even mess up to where you can’t get that person out of jail!

KC Bonding

Should I Hire A Bondsman?

If you are in a position where you are asking yourself if you need a bail bondsman then you first need to ask yourself a few questions.

Am I bonding out someone I can trust to appear back in court?

Can I afford to pay the full amount of the bail or do I not have enough money?

Is there a reputable bail bondsman that can help me?

All of the above are valid questions and are something that needs to be considered and I personally would not bail someone out until I addressed those questions.

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In conclusion, if you are ever in Asheville, NC and need a bail bondsman, don’t hesitate to contact KC Bonding.

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